Driving Directions

We'd like to hear from you

  1. The best place to start is your classroom teacher. Find contact information in the staff directory.
  2. For additional support or information contact your counselor or school principal. 
  3. For district programs and supports, contact our district office.
Name Title Email Phone
Administration & Office Staff
Ball, Jim Principal 253-571-4500
Grovenburg, Michelle Office Coordinator 253-571-4545
Staff Alphabetical by Last Name
Allen, Marcie Speech Language Pathologist 253-571-4543
Allen, Sadie SUCCESS Primary Teacher 253-571-4519
Anderson, Devin Building Para 253-571-4500
Ball, Jim Principal 253-571-4500
Bannon Berg, Eugenia 2nd Grade 253-571-4508
Berman-Hand, Ian 1st Grade 253-571-4502
Brown, Amber Community Liaison 253-571-4524
Cabrera, Sheila Kitchen 253-571-4548
Dransfield, Elizabeth Preschool 253-571-4517
Durant, Jeanna SUCCESS Para 253-571-4500
Dykeman, Bruce Psychologist 253-571-4534
Eide, Connor SUCCESS Para 253-571-4500
Esquivel, Elizabeth Head Start 253-571-4500
Flynn, Ann 1st Grade 253-571-4503
Foley, Margaret SUCCESS Para 253-571-4500
Grovenburg, Michelle Office Coordinator 253-571-4545
Guthrie, Heather Nurse RN 253-571-4525
Herrin, Domonique Occupational Therapist 253-571-4532
Hopkins, Susanna SUCCESS Para 253-571-4500
Johnson, Anastasia Intervention (ELL) 253-571-4506
Johnson, Dennis (DJ) PE Teacher 253-571-4538
Johnson, Elisabeth (Betsy) Physical Therapist 253-571-4534
Jongekryg, Rachel 4th Grade 253-571-4514
Jordan, Suzane Kitchen 253-571-4548
Kennedy, Mindy SUCCESS Para 253-571-4500
Kern, David Custodian 253-571-4540
Knutsen, Holly 4th Grade 253-571-4513
Koontz, Jessica Intervention 253-571-4501
Korgstad, Sarah Music 253-571-4549
Kuczeruk, Emma LRC 253-571-4518
Kuper, Alicia Speech Language Pathologist 253-571-4500
Mason, Robin Secretary 253-571-4526
Mason, Shellie Kindergarten 253-571-4505
Maunupau, Roman Librarian 253-571-4530
Meisberger, Katherine (Kate) Nurse LPN 253-571-4536
Mirkovich, Lori Kindergarten 253-571-4504
Montes, Olivia Head Start 253-571-4500
Nieto, Alicia Building Para 253-571-4509
Olson, Steve 2nd Grade 253-571-4507
Piercy, Patricia Head Start Teacher 253-571-4521
Rea-Smith, Aaron 3rd Grade 253-571-4510
Redal, Kari LAP 253-571-4527
Reich-Norris, Arlene SUCCESS Para 253-571-4500
Roach, Melissa Preschool Para 253-571-4500
Roberts, Rochelle 3rd Grade 253-571-4511
Roossien, Tiffany 5th Grade & Administrative Intern 253-571-4516
Smolinsky, Patrick 5th Grade 253-571-4515
Taylor, Rachel SUCCESS Para 253-571-4500
Thompson, Brenda Instructional Coach 253-571-4552
Van Orsow, Sarah Head Start Advocate 253-571-4542
Walter-Edwards, Shaneen School Counselor 253-571-4533
Wheeler, William Chief Custodian 253-571-4540
Woodward, Sara Occupational Therapist 253-571-4532